Friday, May 18, 2007

Spending for the unpopular war

I am not sure what the price tag is at this time on the war in Iraq, but it is in the several hundred billions of dollars.

We are spending this money because we have to...our servicemen and women are over there with their lives on the line. I salute these brave individuals for their sacrifices. I am glad to have them so willing to defend America's freedom. Thank you...

But it is a shame that these fine men and women in our armed forces are being pimped and used as political pawns. Yes. They are used by the president because he dares the Democrats to cut funding for the war because it will jeopardize the troops. That may very well be true. But it shame that these loyal troops would not be in harm's way were it not for Bush's machismo and bravado in the face of reason.

The Democrats are using the loss of life and limb by these troops to support their reasoning for ending the war. Though this is not as bad as the sin committed by the right wing, it is a shame.

We should be beyond fighting wars. We should stop the war because it is unjust. But when you are in the service, this is what you sign on for. There is a chance that you will be called into combat. Every soldier knows that, or should.

What troubles me mostly is how we can suggest additional funding for the war and get it approved quickly by Congress. But ask the federal government to support school construction in some of the worst urban communities and it will take years, if ever, for it to get done. People complain about money being spent on "government entitlement programs" but don't say much about the government entitlements going to firms like Haliburton and other war profiteers.

Imagine how much of a difference we could make in our communities if the money that is so easily being spent on what appears to be a lost cause thousands of miles away. Are the disadvantaged children here in the poor neighborhoods of America not worth it? What about the police forces that are stretched thin? What about the communities that are dealing with road gridlock?

We are fighting a war to prevent the spread of radical Islam overseas. Yes, the threat of terrorism is very real. But so, too, is the threat of losing a chance to save young people who need a helping hand. Are they not worth the same urgency?


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